!We are Pentola, in this article we will show you how to make ice coffee in different ways like masters

.even how to make ice coffee at home

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.SO, lets start our journey together by making our first ice coffee

ice coffee
ice coffee

ice coffee by machine

:we gonna need

some grounded coffee (espresso)

ice cubes

sugar if wanted

ice coffee machine
ice coffee machine

How to make it

.put the espresso in the basket of the machine then press the button on

!put some cold water and blended ice then add the hot coffee and here you are

.that’s the traditional aced Americano

.you can also blend some milk with the sugar and ice then add the coffee so it will turn into ice latte

surely it was the most easiest way to make ice coffee but sadly not every body have a coffee machine in .his house or workplace so you must be asking can we make ice coffee without machine

of course yes,, in many different ways like cold brew-using mocha pot or French press and the instant coffee

cold brew
cold brew

we gonna need

ground coffee


how to make it

just soak the coffee in the water and let it chill at the fridge at least 16 hours

now its ready

and i will tell you how to make ice mocha with the cold brewed coffe

put some cacao powder and chocolate sauce with some ice, sugar and milk at the mixer

then add the cold brewed cold brewed coffee at the top of previous mix with some whipped cream and chocolate chips for decoration so that’s the way you make iced mocha

so you learned how to make the how to make the best cold brew coffee with the easiest way.

ice mocha
ice mocha

the mocha pot way

mocha pot
mocha pot

The mocha pot is one of the most old ways to extract an espresso shot, but still very popular specially at the most of Italians houses

there is many videos at the YouTube to teach you how to use the mocha pot because it can’t be described so we asked you to visit how to use the mocha pot

then you can use that espresso to make the drink that you want but we will suggest the caramel frappe

.and to make it all you need is mixing the caramel sauce with milk, ice, and sugar

!then pour the coffee on that mix, what flavor

.you can also make espresso using the French press but you will get the best taste from the mocha pot

.we hope that our small article will guide you to enjoy your ice coffee and wanna see you soon at Pentola ,Alexandria Egypt